how to use meta ai on whatsapp

How to Use Meta AI on WhatsApp

Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by doing tasks in seconds, today if we want some help we will ask chat GPT before searching on Google because chat GPT suggest the best solution that is taken from Google data. Meta has introduced its AI chatbot on WhatsApp, which makes our work much easier. Now you can use AI and social media on a single platform, in this blog post we are going to see how to use meta AI on WhatsApp.

Understanding Meta AI:

Before we delve into the topic, we should know why we need this feature in the present and future. Meta AI is launched to enhance your experience through automated responses and suggestions based on conservation. It helps to provide information through suggestion replies, even complete tasks like writing something or generating AI images.

Activating Meta AI:

Update Whatsapp: Make sure your WhatsApp is updated from the Play Store, if you can’t update your WhatsApp from the Play Store. Download it from Google because updated versions often include Meta AI features.

Open Chat: Launch WhatsApp and open a new chat with anyone could be a friend, family or business chat window

Active Meta AI: In the message box where you write something to share some information, At the bottom of the chat you can see the option of Meta AI a blue circle with an M.

Key Features:

After Activating Meta AI, let’s discuss its key features:

Smart Replies: Meta AI will suggest relevant responses based on the context of the message. This future makes chatting more efficient and saves time.

Informational Prompts: When discussing a topic Meta AI will recognize it. It may provide helpful information about that topic definitions, web links and Wikipedia explanations.

Task Completion: Meta AI can complete the task itself within the chat. For example, planning a meeting you can use Meta AI to manage the schedule and set reminders.

AI Image Formation: You can use Meta AI to create an AI image, and use /imagine before your prompts (image statement). For best results define well about your image.

Creative Use of Meta AI:

Schedule Management: Type “Schedule a Meeting” followed by the time and date to organise a meeting and it will plan a meeting and notify the meeting participants.

Quick Polls: Making Group decisions easier. “Create a Poll” uses this prompt to create a poll followed by the questions. Participants will then directly vote in the chat.

Sharing Location: planning a meetup with friends? use this prompt “Share my location” to let your friends know where you are. This feature helps coordinate meetups.


Meta AI is helpful for group discussion and study because it provides information about the topics. Perhaps people don’t know how to use Meta AI on WhatsApp, So this blog post has covered all the required information to take full advantage of Meta AI.

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